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The Wildlife Habitat Trust (WHT) was set up in 1986 by members of the British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC). It is dedicated to raising and distributing funds to help with the acquisition of land for shooting and conservation. The WHT provides grants to help manage sites for wildlife and is now turning its attention to providing some support for local and national Biodiversity Action Plans (BAPs). Most recently, grants have been given to help with the conservation of grey partridge, water voles and dormice. These grants support the conservation objectives of the RSPB, the Environment Agency and Natural England.

To date, the WHT has provided assistance to conservation projects where the total land acquisitions have exceeded £1 million.

Each year the WHT commissions a famous wildlife artist to produce a piece of wildlife art. From this, a Habitat Stamp is produced and this is available for sale to the public at £5.

By purchasing a stamp or any of the items listed within, you will be contributing directly to wildlife conservation.

WHT Habitat Stamp 2017
Wigeon on the Dornoch Firth by Jonathan Latimer

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